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 A 92 unit, 5-story, multi-family residential structing consisting of over 117,000 s.f. Moreover, 85% of the 92 units proposed in the subject development will be restricted to elderly residents only, ages 62 and over, in accordance with Florida Housing Finance Corporation requirements. The remaining 15% of units will be available to residents of all ages, subject to meeting Workforce Housing Program income requirements. As a result, the project is expected to have considerably less demand for parking and also less impact on vehicular traffic than a typical, non-age restricted project of the same scope. The proposed rezoning to the Urban Infill (UI) district allows the proposed development to adhere to the property development regulations set forth in Art.3.B.16, Urban Redevelopment Area Overlay. This zoning district and FLU designation does not set restrictions on residential uses by density. Rather, the UI district sets form-based standards, such as build-to lines, height restrictions, parking requirements, and transect zones, in addition to standard ULDC standards, including recreation requirements, to restrict the massing of structures, and therefore overall density.

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