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Bold Design, Strong Linear Patterns, and Clean Planting Arrangements elevate the existing pool deck to a modern, functional space.  Exceptional waterfront views that were previously encumbered by the raised spa, planters, and a perimeter wall are restored and enhanced as the bold paving pattern draws your eye to the south and across the deck.  By utilizing the existing structural system in place, the proposed palms and small trees provide vertical design elements, frame the view across the intercoastal to MacArthur State Park, and greatly reduce the modifications required to the structure to accommodate the proposed load of the re-imagined pool deck. 


Every element of the sculptural landscape design provides a texture whether it be a tactical texture or a visual texture; while hardscape elements such as, seat walls and shade structures, and even furniture contribute texture by adding interesting shade patterns on the ground plane. 

The use of synthetic turf in the paving pattern and decorative rocks within the landscape planting beds harmoniously blend the hard and soft elements by bringing a bit of each into the other. 

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