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Brooks Village is a 20 acre retail parcel containing a range of stores including Publix, Walgreens, and two banks among other multiple retail spots. Meticulous planning and engineering was provided to preserve the existing native vegetation in the buffers around the plaza. Three acres of land directly behind the plaza is a designated natural preserve. In an effort to protect as much native vegetation as possible, our team utilized a short knee wall that aides in grating and is coated in soybean based paint to fulfill the water retention requirements. The knee wall undulates in and out of the existing trees and is landscaped on both sides to restore and enhance the preserved vegetation while blending into the environment. Native canopy trees fill the parking lot and are intermingled with palms to provide height and character. The south end of the property is lined with a meandering walk and boasts of a shaded pedestrian friendly courtyard which is landscaped with native canopy trees and palms. The shrubs and ground covers provide an inviting comfortable area for passers-by. The courtyard overlooks a retention pond and a littoral shelf enhances the pond by providing a resource and habitat for local wildlife.

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