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Industrial Development in South Florida

There are several challenges and hurdles to overcome when planningalarge-scale, multifacetedindustrial development. That’s why you need a capable partner on your side to handle every aspect of planning your new industrial project. Schmidt Nichols has years of experience in industrial facility planning, and we’re ready to lend our insights and capabilities to every critical phase of a development.

Industrial Facility Planning

As experienced industrial site planners, we know that it takes a considerable amount of foresightto get any industrial project off the ground. From zoning hurdles to impactanalysis, urban planning oversight is critical. We help you coordinatefacilities and campus master plans that provide a road map for the future, assessing factors like:

  • Physical features of the site

  • Environmental concerns

  • Community characteristics

  • Floodplain designations

  • Shipping/receiving considerations

  • Parking considerations

Land Use Planning

Why do clients choose us to handle planning of their new industrial facilities? We’re dedicated to keeping pace with the complexities of land development, leveraging expertise with other vendors to provide complete land development solutions to submit to applicable officials. We understand the most efficient ways of navigating this process, reducing approval timelines, minimizing exchanges with municipalities and getting you through the planning process with ease.

Construction Documents

During pre-construction phases, rely on us to create detailed construction documents that are suitable for obtaining regulatory approval, permits or bids. We collaborate closely with you, and our team of designers and drafters provide drawings and specs to turn your vision into reality.

Discuss Your Industrial Project With Us Today

Schmidt Nichols handles every aspect of industrial site planning, taking your objectives and specific criteria into account to create customized solutions for your facility’s needs. Call us today at 561-684-6141 to discuss your project with our knowledgeable staff. We strive to simplify the planning process, so you can focus on bringing your industrial development to life seamlessly.

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