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Equestrian Development in South Florida

Building an equestrian facility is a major undertaking, and the successful realization of any project hinges on careful planning. Schmidt Nichols is aleader in equestrian site development. We’ve mastered a range of services related to the equestrian planning process, planning high-quality facilities for equine environments. Our equestrian site planning services include:

  • Feasibility studies: We work with you to evaluate land for your project, considering a range of factors to determine suitability. Discovering your wants and needs is our primary objective, and we move forward with planned schedules based on your goals.

  • Site research: You can’t under-estimate the importance of research when approaching a development, especially equestrian facilities. We perform comprehensive research that includes every aspect of a project, from the physical condition of your site to regulatory codes. The result is a more accurate bid and design.

  • Site planning and layout: Using all the information gathered during our research, we determine the ideal layout for your facilities. We then outline construction plans in detail, including road placement; building size and placement; layout of fences and gates; dimensions of parking and more. Our plans encompass every aspect of your facility so you can move forward with construction.

  • Landscape design: The landscape surrounding your equestrian facility should complement the architectural beauty of the structures on your property. Our comprehensive landscape design services can include pools, trails, viewing areas and—of course—plantings. We work hard to develop a plan that combines beauty and functionality, creating spaces that both people and horses will enjoy.

Discuss Your Institutional Project With Us Today

During pre-construction phases, rely on us to create detailed construction documents that are suitable for obtaining regulatory approval, permits or bids. We collaborate closely with you, and our team of designers and drafters provide drawings and specs to turn your vision into reality.

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