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Mixed Use Development in South Florida

Mixed-usedevelopments combine residential dwellings with stores, restaurants, local government buildings and other structures, often spanning thousands of acres that include plenty of green space. As aleader in mixed-use development planning, we offer a full range of services for your mixed-use project. From site planning to landscape design, we’ll be your partner to achieve your vision.

Mixed-Use Development Planning

As experienced mixed-use planners, we know how to plan mixed-use communities that are not just good for the residents who live there, but also for the local economy, employees and visitors to the neighborhood. Our team of experienced professionals understands how to successfully integrate residential, commercial, cultural, and entertainment uses into a distinct architectural plan that stands apart from the rest.

We understand how to navigate the challenging and tedious jurisdictional obstacles, zoning and re-zoning, to ensureyour project stays on track. Our team provides guidance every step of the way, expressing your design in construction documents and renderings. We’re here to get your project off the ground, the right way.

Mixed-Use Landscape Design

No mixed-use community is complete without a well-designed landscape. As expert landscape designers, we know how to do more than design with plants—we create unforgettable outdoor spaces, including quality hardscape, water features, pools, lounge areas and recreation areas that add value and provide space to play, socialize,work and enjoy nature.We plan with sustainability and ecological benefits in mind, as evidenced by our status as a PLANET award winner from the National Landscape Awards of Excellence.

Discuss Your Mixed-Use Project With Us Today

When planned thoroughly and designed correctly, mixed-use communities not only bring several types of real estate together in one seamless strategy, they also complement all building types within it. Schmidt Nichols is your partner in mixed-use community planning, helping you create projects your community can embrace and get excited about. Call us today at 561-684-6141 to discuss your project with us

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